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A lasting legacy for the South West

The entrance to ENVEC Wood is in Birch Lane, near Morchard Bishop, Devon

ENVEC wood sign photo

"Carbon sequestration should be considered as an
important benefit of woodland management and creation"

A Strategy for England's Trees, Woods and Forests
Defra, June 2007

Background to the wood (planted 2007-2010)

From 1993 to 2009 ENVEC provided the South West of England with a high profile energy and environmental business conference addressing climate change and related issues such as resource efficiency and waste minimisation.

Whilst planning ENVEC 2006 the organisers took the decision to establish a new wood in the South West, ENVEC Wood, through working in partnership with Taunton based www.co2balance.com. This involved the eventual planting of 415 native broad-leaved trees in a special ENVEC designated woodland (of mainly oak and willow trees) within Bishops Wood, near Morchard Bishop, mid Devon. Bishops Wood incorporating ENVEC Wood is closed for new tree planting as all the available land has been used.

ENVEC WOOD was planted in March 2007 and until March 2010 additional trees were allocated to ENVEC WOOD from within Bishops Wood for carbon offsetting with the equivalent carbon offset new tree planting taking place on other woodland planted by www.co2balance.com elsewhere in the UK.

EDF Energy supported additional planting of trees in ENVEC WOOD, when it was first established as a new wood, to mark the 30th anniversary (in 2006) of the South West Energy & Environmental Management Groups. ENVEC WOOD was used for the ENVEC carbon offset (2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009 events). Other carbon offsets were also allocated to ENVEC WOOD by www.co2balance.com until March 2010.


The organisers of ENVEC wanted this initiative to be part of the legacy for the South West from this key event; benefiting the region's biodiversity whilst absorbing CO2. Nevertheless, the organisers fully recognised the need to apply the low carbon hierarchy before offsetting carbon:

  1. REDUCE energy use by avoiding unnecessary use and implementing energy efficiency measures; then

  2. REPLACE fossil fuels with renewable energy sources and/or use cleaner fossil fuel technology where possible; and then

  3. NEUTRALISE the remaining unavoidable emissions through carbon offsetting schemes.

ENVEC Wood launch photo
EDF Energy, GOSW and the SW EEMGs formally launch ENVEC WOOD
24th July 2007
Pictured left to right are: Mike Grabham (EDF Energy), Phil Harding (GOSW), Deborah Williamson (EDF Energy), Dave Collins (Chairman, Devon & Cornwall EEMG), and Norman Wright (Chairman, Avon & Somerset EEMG)

You can view a video of the installation of the ENVEC wood sign on 24 July 2007 on the oursouthwest YouTube channel from this link: http://www.youtube.com/oursouthwest/.

Group photo
SW EEMG Chairmen & Secretaries take delivery of the sign for ENVEC WOOD at their 6-monthly meeting on 7th June 2007. Pictured from left to right are: John Emmerson, Alan Burgess, Joe McSavage, Norman Wright (holding sign), Mike Strickland, Dave Collins, Tim Linford and Mike Moultrie

ENVEC Wood photo
ENVEC WOOD (June 2010)

ENVEC Wood photo
ENVEC WOOD (June 2010)

ENVEC Wood photo
ENVEC WOOD (June 2010)
- sign still visible 3 years later...

ENVEC Wood photo
ENVEC WOOD (July 2007)

View from ENVEC Wood photo
The view South from ENVEC WOOD (July 2007)

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