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Climate SouthWest's key role is to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change, inform and advise on the challenges and opportunities of climate change in SW England, and develop practical adaptation responses.

Climate SouthWest, formerly known as South West Climate Change Impacts Partnership (SWCCIP), published an extensive range of tools, reports, guides, presentations and case studies etc while its website was hosted here on www.oursouthwest.com from 2003 until March 2012.

Most of these can still be downloaded from this page to assist past and current members/contacts of Climate SouthWest. They are either listed by the year they were created or the year they appeared on the Climate SouthWest website but please note that within the publications some of the information and web links may no longer be current due to the passage of time.

4 archived pages from this website:-

  Frequently Asked Questions

  Impacts on SW and
  background information

  Warming to the idea*
*SW Climate Change Impact Scoping Study including report summary and technical report

Young Climate Change Champion - SW
(2006 & 2008 - hosted by www.oursouthwest.com & CSW)

Past newsletters from CSW/SWCCIP

All are pdf or word documents:

#25 December 2011

#24 September 2011

#23 June 2011

#22.1 March 2011 'Climate Week 2011 Special Edition'

#22 March 2011

#21 December 2010

#20 September 2010

#19 June 2010

#18 March 2010

#17 December 2009

#16 September 2009

#15 June 2009

#14 March 2009

#13 December 2008

#12 September 2008

#11 June 2008

#10 February 2008

#9 November 2007

#8 August 2007

#7 April 2007

#6 February 2007

#5 November 2006

#4 August 2006

#3 May 2006

#2 February 2006

#1 November 2005

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Archive of Climate SouthWest publications

2009 - 2011 inclusive

Archive material is listed in descending order (most recent year first).


Climate SouthWest general power point slides including graphs (PowerPoint 4.7Mb) - July 2011.
These powerpoint slides were put together to assist anyone who may be presenting on issues relating to climate change impacts and adaptation in the South West. The presentation is divided into 5 chapters and includes slides on: the science of climate change; future projections; impacts across key sectors; drivers for adaptation; and taking action. The presentation is free for anyone to use and edit according to their own purposes. Additional slides (PowerPoint 1.8Mb) from Climate SouthWest (May 2010) for use in conjunction with, or instead of, those in the main presentation.

The Business Areas Climate Impacts Assessment Tool (BACLIAT) - This practical guide helps businesses and organisations assess the appropriate responses to the impacts of climate change. To download, click here: BACLIAT (on UKCIP website). Climate SouthWest has produced a 'signposting' guide of relevant sources of advice and support for businesses who are starting to consider how to prepare for climate change after using BACLIAT. Click here to download the guide from our website: Climate SouthWest's BACLIAT signposting guide (pdf 350kb).

Extreme weather and business in the South West - survey results (Climate SouthWest, September 2011) - In July 2011, Climate SouthWest ran a survey to find out how extreme weather has impacted upon business across the region, and how resilient they are to future events. Most of the 161 businesses who responded to the survey had been affected by extreme weather in some way over the previous 18 months, with 8 out of 10 businesses citing at least one consequence as a result of either extreme wet, cold, hot, dry or stormy conditions. The survey results have contributed to Climate SouthWest's (and its partners') understanding of how businesses are affected by extreme weather, and will be used to inform future programmes of advice and support on the theme business resilience. The key findings from the survey are available to download here: Extreme Weather survey results (doc).

Opportunities for enhancing biodiversity in a changing climate: the Exe catchment (Project Exe) (Climate SouthWest, 2011) - During 2010/11, the Climate SouthWest Biodiversity Sector Group worked with other biodiversity specialists in the South West on a project titled, 'Opportunities for enhancing biodiversity in a changing climate: the Exe catchment (Project Exe). The project aims were i) to illustrate how projected changes in climate are likely to affect habitats and species within the Exe catchment; and ii) to recommend sustainable changes in land use and management that would enhance biodiversity, thereby helping to safeguard the ecosystem benefits that are provided to society. The initial outputs from the project have now been completed. These are:

  • a Project summary and recommendations document (pdf 1.1Mb), which includes a summary of the likely effects of climate change and some suggestions for conservation practitioners and land managers on how resilience may be enhanced;
  • a Google map (external site) showing many of the great on-the-ground projects, already taking place in the Exe catchment, which will help to increase resilience for biodiversity; and
  • a Technical Appendix (pdf 6.6 Mb) containing all the background information and evidence gathered throughout the project.

Presentation material: "Resilient Tourism: preparing for extreme weather and climate change in the South West" (Updated July 2011) - This presentation updates the "Tourism and Climate Change: Impacts and adaptation in the SW" presentation, which was originally developed by the Climate SouthWest Tourism Sector Group in November 2009. The new presentation includes additional and up-to-date information, case studies and useful resources to help businesses prepare for extreme weather and climate change. The slides may be used by anyone and help to set out the science of climate change, future projections, and the importance of climate change for tourism. They include examples of risks and opportunities, explain the business case for preparing for climate change, and provide information and case studies to help businesses take action. Click here to download:- Resilient Tourism: preparing for extreme weather and climate change in the SW (PowerPoint 6.4Mb).

Climate SouthWest NI188 Coordinator Final Project Report
Between November 2009 and March 2011, Climate SouthWest managed a successful project providing dedicated support to the 16 South West upper tier local authorities on the delivery of climate change adaptation, specifically under National Performance Indicator 188 (NI188): Planning to Adapt to Climate Change. The project, funded by the SW Improvement and Efficiency Programme (SWIEP), was delivered in partnership with Government Office for the South West and the Environment Agency, with support from UKCIP. This final report gives an overview of the project outputs which included 8 events; evaluates the success of the project in terms of the progress made by the participating local authorities; and makes some recommendations on how to keep adaptation high on the local authority agenda following the abolition of NI188. To read the report click here: NI188 Coordinator Final Report, May 2011 (pdf).

Climate SouthWest Local Climate Impacts Profile Project Final Report
Between April to July 2010, Climate SouthWest managed a successful project to support 9 upper tier local authorities in the South West undertake a Local Climate Impacts Profile (LCLIP). The project, funded by the SW Improvement and Efficiency Programme (SWIEP), was delivered in partnership with Studentforce for Sustainability and the UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP). The project was designed to help 9 local authorities build an understanding of the impacts and consequences of current extreme weather events on their service delivery. This final report highlights the collective findings of the 9 individual LCLIPs, evaluates the benefits of the collaborative project methodology, provides a suggested methodology for monitoring and recording future impacts, and makes a number of recommendations for both Climate SW and local authorities. To read the report click here: CSW LCLIP Report, February 2011(pdf).

Adapting to climate change: local authority case studies (May 2011) - Climate SouthWest developed the following local authority case studies following the completion of the SWIEP funded NI188 Coordinator project. The case studies below highlight how climate change adaptation has been integrated into local strategic partnership, local authority impacts assessment, corporate risk management and scenario planning. Click on each link to download:

Climate SW advice note (November 2010) on embedding climate change adaptation into LA Local Economic Assessments
This advice from Climate SW can be downloaded here: CSW LEA advice note (November 2010) (doc).

Somerset WAVE (Water Adaptation is Valuable for Everyone) project An update on the project's process published in Spring 2011: Somerset WAVE Case study (pdf 1.7Mb).

Managing land to reduce flood risk (Climate SouthWest 2011) - Following the severe flooding in East Devon in 2008, local farmers, the Environment Agency, Devon County Council and East Devon District Council have been working together to reduce flood risk through improving land management. Click on link: managing land (doc).

Presentation material: Land management and resilience in a changing climate (updated July 2011). Click here to download: Land management and resilience in a changing climate (power point 8Mb).

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'Warming to the idea: building resilience to extreme weather and climate change in the South West' published in 2010 updates the summary report of a scoping study carried out in 2003, which summarised the impacts of climate change across a number of sectors in the South West. The updated publication incorporates the latest climate projections (UK Climate Projections 2009) and reflects current understanding of the key issues and adaptation opportunities for the South West. Click here to download: Warming to the Idea - 2010 (pdf 11MB) IMPORTANT: To view this document in full screen view (or to adjust the size of the document to read more easily on your screen) right click on this link and select "Save Target As..." to save the file to your PC. Alternatively, once you have opened this document press your ESC key and you can then change the viewing size.

Agriculture Industry GHG Action Plan: Framework for Action (Joint agricultural Climate Change Task Force, 2010) - Click here to download: Agriculture Industry GHG Action Plan (pdf)
Note: This Action Plan is hosted here by Climate SouthWest on behalf of its Agriculture and Forestry Sector Group.

Managing risk: Maximising business capability in extreme conditions (2010) - In Spring 2010, Climate SouthWest teamed up with Business Link and the Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project (CoaST) to deliver workshops for businesses on improving their resilience to extreme weather. The Climate SouthWest presentation that was delivered as part of the workshops can be downloaded here: Climate Change and Severe Weather: improving business resilience (ppt 2.2Mb).

Business vulnerability to extreme weather in the South West: understanding the baseline (May 2010) - This project was undertaken by Tim Morris, a student in MSc Sustainable Development at the University of Exeter. It was directed by Climate SouthWest to evaluate business vulnerability to 3 weather-related risks (flooding/heavy rain, water shortage, and high temperatures) across key business sectors in the South West of England. Click here for a summary of the project and its key findings (pdf 87kb) or here to download the full report (pdf 406kb).

Building partnerships to create better places (Environment Agency, 2010) - a booklet of case studies from the Environment Agency showing some of the successes they have jointly achieved by working in partnership with local authorities and other partners. Two case studies from the South West are included: 'Reducing flood risk in Devon'; and 'Surface water management in Cornwall'. Click here to download from this website: EA - better places partnerships (pdf).

Prepare for the challenge of extreme weather - campaign images (2010) - Climate SouthWest's Tourism sector group produced this set of images with accompanying key messages to highlight the challenges of extreme weather and to signpost tourism businesses towards the online toolkit, 'Preparing for Change: climate-proof your tourism business'. The images are freely available for use by any organisation and can be easily included in relevant newsletter, emails, websites etc. Click here to download:-

  Image 1 (The weather's changing, are you?) (jpeg 370kb)

  Image 2 (Risk or opportunity? It's your choice!) (jpeg 210kb)

  Image 3 (Don't let your hard work get washed away!) (jpeg 507kb)

  Image 4 (Don't take a gamble with your business!) (jpeg 279kb)

  Image 5 (Don't let your profit dry up!) (jpeg 226kb)

The images have also been printed both as A5 size postcards and business cards - if you would like to receive hard copies for distribution at events or to your networks please contact Climate SouthWest (contact details on the Climate SouthWest Home Page). Electronic versions in higher resolution and different size formats are also available on request.

Tourism Business Survey 2010 - In February 2010 the Climate SouthWest (then SWCCIP) Tourism Sector Group commissioned the University of Exeter to undertake a survey on their behalf of tourism businesses in the SouthWest. Along with a number of other findings, the results showed that 56% of respondents had already been affected by severe weather and 63% think that their businesses will be affected in the future, with flooding the highest concern. However, when asked about what adaptation actions they had implemented, only 46% of respondents had implemented any of the 13 measures given. Click here to read the full results: Tourism Business Survey, April 2010 (pdf 512kb).

Falmouth Tourism Information Centre - ensuring business continuity after flooding (2010) - Climate SouthWest Tourism Adaptation Case Study: Falmouth Tourism Information Centre (doc).

Framptons - water management case study (2010) - Climate SouthWest Business Adaptation Case Study on water management at Framptons, a drinks manufacturer in Somerset. Click here to download: Framptons case study (pdf 1Mb).

National Grid - National Grid & Climate SouthWest Utilities Adaptation Case Study on: Adapting to climate change, managing the risks - National Grid (pdf).

Western Power Distribution - Climate SouthWest Utilities Adaptation Case Study on: flood protection by WPD for major substation site, Exeter (pdf).

SW Regional Development Agency (SWRDA) case studies (2008 - 2009, uploaded April 2010) - The following sustainable construction case studies from SWRDA include systems that help keep buildings cool and naturally ventilated in high temperatures, as well as examples of water efficiency and flood resilience measures. Click on links:

Developments adapting to climate change - case studies (January 2009 & December 2010) - Climate SouthWest have developed the following case studies of new developments in the South West that have incorporated climate change adaptation measures into their design. The case studies highlight key adaptation measures, the benefits of adapting, and how any barriers to implementation were overcome:-

  • Cricklepit Mill (pdf 134kb) - A conversion of a historic mill building in Exeter into offices by the Devon Wildlife Trust.
  • The Scarlet Hotel (pdf 193kb) - A hotel built on the north coast of Cornwall as a sister hotel to Bedruthan Steps (updated case study December 2010).
  • Wessex Water Operations Centre (pdf 89kb) - Wessex Water's new operations centre in Bath was completed in 2000.
  • Okehampton Business Centre (pdf 318kb) - A business centre providing office space in the West Devon town of Okehampton.
  • Mountain Wood (pdf 87kb) - Three homes built by the Somer Housing Trust in Bathford, Bath.

Tourism business climate change survey (pdf 1Mb) - presentation by Exeter University.

Natural solutions: Creating green and resilient communities, Swindon, 17 November 2010
Special event for Forward Planners, strategic Directors and Councillors. You can download the presentation slides from here:-

Preparing for Extreme Weather and Climate Change in the SW, Taunton, 28 October 2010
Special event for Councillors and Officers. You can download the presentation slides from here:-

South West NI188 Workshop, Exeter, 21 July 2010
You can download the presentation slides from here (one complete set):-

South West NI188 Workshop, Exeter, 22 April 2010
You can download the presentation slides from here:-

South West NI188 Workshop, Taunton, 25 January 2010
You can download the 3 presentation slides from here:-

Climate Change Risk Assessment in Bournemouth (2010)
Please click here to download Bournemouth Borough Council's Climate Change Impacts and Opportunities Tool (Excel spreadsheet) and Risk Assessment Template (Excel spreadsheet). The tool was developed to ensure that climate change is risk assessed at a strategic level and filters down council services through service unit operational risk registers and service planning as appropriate.

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Climate Change: Are You Prepared? During March 2009 Climate SouthWest offered a programme of free half-day workshops for small businesses in the Agriculture, Construction, Food and Drink, and Tourism sectors to help them prepare for the effects of climate change. A final report detailing the outcomes and feedback from the workshops is available on request. The workshop presentations include useful, sector-specific information on the science, impacts and adaptation responses to climate change and can be downloaded here:
  Agriculture workshop (pdf 2Mb)
  Construction workshop (pdf 2.5Mb)
  Food & Drink workshop (pdf 1.8Mb)
  Tourism workshop (pdf 1.8Mb)

Climate Change and Agiculture in the South West - Farmers' Perceptions (July 2009) - report from the Royal Agricultural College and Climate SouthWest identifying likely negative impacts and positive opportunities: Climate Change and Agriculture in the SW (pdf 517kb).

Biodiversity and Climate Change Glossary (2009) - To help clarify some of the terms that are commonly used in reference to biodiversity and climate change adaptation the Climate SouthWest Biodiversity Sector Group has developed this Biodiversity and Climate Change Glossary (pdf 276kb).

South West NI188 Workshop, Weston-super-Mare, 5 March 2009
You can download the main presentation slides from here:-

Parrett Catchment Project: Flood risk management and biodiversity, Somerset (2009) - Climate SouthWest case study: The Parrett Catchment Project (pdf).

South West Water - Climate SouthWest Utilities Adaptation Case Study on: South West Water (doc).

The Met Office (May 2009) - The SWCCIP Construction Adaptation Case Study on: The Met Office (pdf).

Somerset County Council (May 2009) - Climate SouthWest Local Government Adaptation Case Study on Somerset County Council is available to download here: Somerset County Council (pdf).

Preparing for Climate Change: Information for tourism businesses in the South West (Nov 2009) - download the leaflet by Climate SouthWest from this link: Preparing for climate change (pdf 470kb).

"Changing Climate - Changing Business" (2009) - A collection of short Climate SouthWest Tourism Adaptation Case Studies, which also feature in the film produced by Climate SouthWest and South West Tourism in 2009: tourism case studies 2009 (pdf) :-

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Archive continued...

2003 - 2008 inclusive


Our Climate is Changing (version 2008) (pdf 658kb) - Climate SouthWest's introductory leaflet on climate change impacts in the SW.

National Indicator 188 advice note for Local Authorities from the Environment Agency (SW):
NI 188 - Environment Agency (SW) guidance for Local Authorities (pdf 473kb).

National Indicator 188 and Prioritised risk-based assessments and the Civil Contingencies Act 2004
In September 2008 GOSW and Climate SouthWest (then SWCCIP) produced a guidance note on how the existing requirements under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 (CCA) supports the actions required under NI188 so that LAs/LSPs can avoid duplication of effort. Click here to download:
NI 188 and CCA guidance (pdf).

South West NI188 Workshop, Bridgwater, 9 October 2008
You can download the main presentation slides from here:-

Climate Change Adaptation and Local Authorities: Be Aware, Be Prepared, Take Action (May 2008) - Guidance document on how to integrate climate change adaptation strategies into local government - from LGA, EA and UKCIP: Climate Change Adaptation and Local Authorities: Be Aware, Be Prepared, Take Action (pdf 509kb).

SWCCIP summary of UKCIP LCLIP 2008 Meetings - summary review note (word) of the meetings held at Oxford Said Business School on 3rd January and 8th July 2008.

Marketing and Climate Change - During 2007/08 the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Horizon South West and Climate SouthWest ran two sets of action-learning workshops to help delegates take advantage of climate change-related opportunities. Topics included: using the UKCIP Business Areas Climate Impact Assessment Tool (BACLIAT); the results of new consumer research (co-commissioned by the project and undertaken by Future Foundations); the science behind climate change; and climate change communications techniques. Knowledge sharing was key to the project and participating companies are now sharing information about their actual experiences of future proofing within smaller 'buddy groups'. A number of publications were produced as a result of the workshops:

National Trust - Mansands managed retreat and wetlands project, South Devon: case study (December 2008) (pdf).

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The Climate SouthWest Tourism Group supported by the Tourism Alliance and the Institute of Sustainable Solutions Research organised a Conference aimed at the Tourism industry on 7th December 2011. The aim of the Conference was to develop and promote opportunities for tourism in the South West to become more resilient to the impacts of climate change. The conference was Chaired by Malcolm Bell, Chief Executive of Visit Cornwall, and heard from businesses themselves, scientists, insurance providers and key support organisations. The presentation slides are below (all files are pdfs):
- Opening address by Malcolm Bell, The South West Tourism Alliance
- 'Growing tourism in a finite world', Jason Freezer, Visit England
- 'Resilient Tourism', Alex Webb, Climate SouthWest
- 'Building confidence in, and resilience to, climate change and extreme weather', Penny Tranter, Met Office
- 'Understanding & Managing Risk Insurance', David Britton, Ecclesiastical Insurance and ABI
- 'Water Conservation - Why and How', Jon Wood, South West Water
- 'Shifiting Shores in the South West', Simon Hill, National Trust
- 'Building resilience - tools', Manda Brookman, CoaST
- 'Communication: Getting the message right', Futerra

Slapton Line Partnership - community adaptation case study - Case study about how a small Devon community is adapting to coastal change. Includes useful messages and project examples relevant to a range of sectors including tourism, business, transport, local government and communities: Slapton Line Partnership (pdf).

Adaptation Pack (including checklist) for Tourism Businesses - Climate SouthWest, together with the South East Climate Change Partnership (SECCP), have created the first Adaptation Action Pack for Tourism Businesses. This Adaptation Action Pack was funded by Climate SouthWest, SECCP and Devon County Council to explain to tourism business owners how climate change affects their business. The electronic (pdf) version of the checklist can be downloaded from here: Climate change and tourism in the South of England, 2007 (pdf 826kb). The electronic version of the promotional postcard artwork (2007 - version II) can be downloaded from here: Climate change and your tourism business - what can you do to adapt? (pdf 112kb).

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Impact of Agriculture & Food Distribution on Climate Change - the presentation by Gundula Azeez of the Soil Association at a joint Climate SouthWest (then known as SWCCIP)/Bond Pearce business event "The Bottom Line: The Business of Climate Change" held in Bristol in December 2006. Click here to download: Impact of Agriculture & Food Distribution on Climate Change - Soil Association (pdf 135kb).

During November 2006 the Royal Agricultural College updated the www.oursouthwest.com "Wildlife Friendly Farming Guide" to take account of climate change adaptation measures.

Climate Change: how can local government adapt? (16 Mar 2006) - Presentations from the workshop held at County Hall, Exeter:

SW Launch of the Nottingham Declaration and the Adaptation workshop for local authorities (5 Dec 2006) - Presentations from this event held in Bristol:

Other climate change facts and science information slides (pdf 1.5Mb) - Spring 2006
- compiled by Dr Julian Wright, Environment Agency, for Climate SouthWest (then known as SWCCIP)

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Otter Farm - Climate SouthWest Agriculture Case Study on how Otter Farm in Devon have adapted their processes to impacts of climate change: Otter Farm (pdf).

Boscastle 2004 Floods - Climate SouthWest Utilities Adaptation Case Study (2005) on the: Boscastle 2004 Floods (doc).



The original SW scoping study ('Warming to the Idea', January 2003)
(updated in 2010)

To open each Chapter, click on the links below:


( - for TECHNICAL REPORT see below )

Click on links to open each file (pdf):-

   1. Introduction & Key Messages

   2. Our Changing Climate

   3. Our Natural Environment

   4. Our Society & Infrastructure

   5. Our Economy

   6. Our Local Authorities, the way forward and summary tables


Click on links below to open each file (pdf). NOTE: To find the particular subject that you are interested in, it is recommended that you look at pages 5 and 6 of the Executive Summary & Contents to see the detailed contents list of this report.

Executive Summary & Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction (Background, Definitions, Aims and Objectives, Context, Scope, etc)

Chapter 2 Other research etc on climate change impacts

Chapter 3 Climate Change Scenarios for Planet Earth

Chapter 4 The South West Region

Chapter 5 Climate in the South West

Chapter 6 Natural Environment Domains

Chapter 7 Society and Infrastructure Domains

Chapter 8 Business Domains

Chapter 9 Local Authority Domains

Chapter 10 Cross-Sectoral Impact Domains

Chapter 11 Summary of Findings

Chapter 12 Recommendations

Chapter 13 Priorities for Future Research

Chapter 14 Conclusions

   Annex 1 - Glossary of Terms

   Annex 2 - Methodology

   Annex 3 - Bibliography

   Annex 4 - List of Respondents

   Annex 5 - Questionnaire

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